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Nathan’s Bequest, a project of the Rotary Club of Sydney CBD, is a mental health researchNathan project founded in memory of Nathan Trepezanov, who ended his life at the age of 21 while suffering from depression.

The Bequest was set up to promote awareness through education and research, as well as providing financial assistance to organisations involved in supporting persons suffering mental illness.

In 2006, the Bequest was launched by former Western Australian Premier, Dr Geoff Gallop, and guests were entertained by world acclaimed pianist Simon Tedeschi. It awarded a research scholarship in conjunction with the Australian Rotary Health Research Fund to Christine Northey, a highly qualified researcher, to undertake a PhD into the causes of youth depression and suicide for a period of three years. Ms Northey, who commenced her research in 2007, is focusing on developing indices to identify the most vulnerable children before suicidal behaviours manifest in adolescence.

In 2009 a fundraising dinner was held to provide funds for the Sydney Street Choir and the Brain and Mind Research Institut.

2010 Fundraiser - Wine Night at Kinselas, Tayor Square, 1 December

Patron: Silverchair bassist Chris Joannou

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