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About Nathan

NathanNathan Trepezanov was awarded a full scholarship to study a Bachelor of Arts/LLB degree at the University of Sydney. He was selected as a faculty exchange student to study at the Institut des Sciences Politiques in Paris, and in his fourth year was awarded a summer clerkship at Clayton Utz. He was regularly a star of the law revue and was an active University student, well liked and respected by both his peers and lecturers - and seemed to have everything going for him.

Nathan was in the prime of his life, a beautiful example of a maturing young man paving his way toward a bright future. Although he had an inspiring intellect and love in his life, a serious mental illness lingered in the darker corners of his bright mind. This darkness ended up taking all of this away from him.

Sadly, no one will ever know what was going through Nathan’s mind in the early hours of January 16, 2006 as he stepped off the edge of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to take his own life. What is even sadder is that no one had the chance to say to him STOP. To tell him this feeling of helplessness will pass. To tell him he has an illness, and he is going to get better. It is heartbreaking to see depression and other mental illnesses taking away and wasting such precious young lives.

  Last updated: 04-Nov-2010